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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Queen daily deal - Baume and Mercier 8505

Baume and Mercier Hampton Classic Ladies Watch 8505A gorgeous, high quality watch fit for an upper-class queen. This deal of the day is $349 (77% off the $1490 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). November 28, 2009.

After Black Friday comes Cyber Monday.
Do you dream of living the luxury, East Coast, old money, yacht sailing lifestyle (a couple recently had their yacht stolen by pirates as they slept. What kind of a world is this when decent, filthy rich yacht owners can’t even be safe anymore?)? Me too. It would be great if my highest ambition in life was to maintain an even tan throughout the year while I sat by the pool sipping margaritas and counting the money in my trust fund. But this lifestyle is pretty expensive. I know I definitely don’t make enough to buy even a skiff, much less a yacht. And this watch, the Baume and Mercier Hampton Classic Ladies Watch, is no exception. It represents everything that has to do with the rich American lifestyle: superior quality, gorgeous design, powerful engineering, and something your kids will fight over when you die. But thanks to JomaDeals, you can buy a piece of this lifestyle at an affordable, down to earth, go to work everyday price. It’s one of those watches you buy when you want something that will go the distance. And it’s expensive enough that you can be sure you’re getting a really, really good watch (aren’t I the linguist? I can’t think of an adjective better than “really really”?) with a brand name that’s synonymous with quality. And you’re getting it at the lowest price on the internet. But this window to easy street only lasts today. So to all the ladies out there, this is your chance to buy a little piece of old money happiness (don’t listen to what people say, money IS happiness). And to all my boys out there, this is a gift guaranteed to floor your woman (or the woman who isn’t technically your woman but have been following around for the past year hoping she would be). When you don’t know what to give, this will more than do the trick. And even if it doesn’t, return it in 15-days for a refund, or exchange it for something she might like better. So to both the gift giving guys, and the “of discerning taste” women, act on the deal today or forever be cast off into the non-yacht class of citizens (you can always get a ride on my skiff…).

Luxury Watch Deal - Baume and Mercier 8505

History Baume and Mercier

The Baume & Mercier is one of the oldest and finest watch making companies.

In 1592 Native of Franche Comté, the Baume family settled in the Les Bois village in the Swiss Jura Mountains from 1542. Carrying out watch-manufacturing work (name given to subcontracting in watch-making at the time), the Baume's passed on their knowledge of watch mechanisms from father to son.

In 1834, at the heart of a century marked by extraordinary scientific and industrial progress, brothers Louis Victor and Pierre-Joseph-CĂ©lestin Baume founded the house of the same name and registered it as an agency in the Les Bois village, in the Swiss Jura Mountains. There was only one slogan: "Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality". To this day, that slogan still stands as the company’s hallmark and ongoing mission. They continue to make watches to this day of the highest quality that are both the envy and the admiration of the timepiece world.

By 1918 the Baume family joined together with the Mercier family, whose watch designs and artistic abilities were exceptional, and this merger began the Baume et Mercier watch company. It was not long before the Baume & Mercier (guess that "&" was put in there for us Americans , the "original" name "Baume et Mercier.") watch company became prominent for their chronographs and precise watch timekeeping mechanisms.

Today, Baume & Mercier continues to produce their branded classic and sporty watch styles in quality timepieces to distinguish itself and surprise with a successful combination of watch making expertise and technological innovation.

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