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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Deal Watch: Golana Swiss Aero Pro 100 Quartz Mens Watch AE100-2

Golana Swiss Aero Pro 100 Quartz Mens Watch AE100-2. A stunning and concise timepiece from Golana. This deal of the day is $79 (75% off the $320 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). December 6, 2009.

So many people say they dread the holidays with their families. Once Thanksgiving passes and December arrives, the anxiety builds and builds until the fateful day comes of the first get together. But why do we fear it so much? If it were really all that bad, you could just called your family and say, “I’m not coming this year because every time I spend more than an hour with you people, I want to poke my eyes and ears out with a #2 Pencil,” and that would be it. No more family holidays. But I think, in a masochistic way, we actually LIKE those excruciating moments with our loved ones. We like it when uncle Jeff pokes his fingers in your mashed potatoes to check the temperature. We like it when our mothers asks us for the 100th time why we decided against law school. We like it when our step-cousins torture the family cat. Why? Because it gives us something great to talk about when we get back to work. It gives us an excuse for why our lives are so screwed up (it’s why I can’t walk into a Laundromat without weeping uncontrollably). And at the very least, it makes us feel saner than we did before (just like watching Jerry Springer). So we at JomaDeals are offering you a little something to help get you through the holidays. The Golana Swiss Aero Pro is a stunning, straightforward, simplified timepiece from the best watchmakers in the world. When things get messy, it’s always clean and sharp. So when you’re singing family carols and time feels like it’s inching by, you can look at your watch to see that time is still moving at the same pace; you’re just stuck in a time warp known as quality family time. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order.


Manufacturer ItemGLAE100-2
MovementSwiss Quartz
Case Materialstainless steel
Case Diameter44mm
Case Shaperound
Case Thickness13mm
Bezel Functionstationary
Bezel Materialstainless steel
Dial Colorblack
Dial Markersarabic and indicators
Dial Typeanalog
Handssilver luminous
CollectionGolana Swiss Aero Pro
CrownPull and Push Fluted Crown
Band Lengthmen's
Band Materialstainless steel
Band Width22mm
Clasp Typefold over clasp with safety
Calendardate at 3 position
Water Resistance330ft
WarrantyJomaDeals 2-year


In 1898, in the small Swiss village of Les Bioux Norbert Bernet began a watch making tradition that was to last generations. His passion for precision, performance and perfection were put into every watchcase that he handmade. The years passed and in 1956 the license was sold to Heinz and Anna Goll. A new watch brand was born, watches whose quality has won gold awards and taken the brand right across Europe. Times have changed and so have watches. But more than a century later Bernet's original legacy of Swiss precision remains unchanged. And Golana watches will continue to keep it going and going and going. We believe in precision. We believe in perfection. We believe in taking the very best and making it better. We don't just believe in performing, we believe in out performing. We believe in going beyond. Beyond expectations. Beyond boundaries. We believe in individuals. Because when you're out there, you're out there alone. Up against time, against the elements, against yourself. There is no cozy clubhouse at the end of it. Just the personal satisfaction of a challenge met. An obstacle overcome. A time beaten. And with a Golana watch, it's a time you can rely on.

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