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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chronograph Daily Deal - Bulova 96B001 Mens Watch - Joma Deal

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Bulova Crystal Steel Chronograph Mens Watch 96B001. A classy, attention-grabbing, wardrobe-upgrading, watch from Bulova. This deal of the day is $89 (76% off the $375 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). October 27, 2009.

There’s something missing from the world today. We’ve all turned into casual, anything goes, flip-flops to work, latte and Big Mac types of people. Where’s the class? Where’s the style? I’m not one to blame, though. As we speak (write, actually, or in your case, read), I’m actually sitting at work in whitey tighties with a blue and white #10 painted on my chest from last nights Giants/Cardinals game (it was a late game, I was too lazy to change, and that “paint” I used is apparently more permanent than I thought). The weird thing? No one notices. And that’s exactly my point. On the one hand, I can be the unsophisticated slob that I am and still cash in a pay check. On the other hand, no one knows I’m alive (or they’re just avoiding me completely). The boss never stops by to tell me how cool I am, the cute secretary never stops by to flirt (I know I’m married, but I’d still appreciate the gesture), and I wasn’t exactly invited to the office fantasy football league this year (had to pay Aadesh from IT to let me pretend to be him online so I could get a spot). On the other-other hand, wearing underwear to work makes sure that no one ever steals my chair when I’m gone.

So if you’re fine passing through life unnoticed, then keep on eating top ramen at your desk and playing World of Warcraft when the boss isn’t looking. But if you want to shake off the slob-ies and let the world know you’re alive, then it’s time to put on the Ritz, Frankenstein. First step? The Bulova Crystal Chronograph Men’s Watch. It’s a beautiful, classic looking men’s watch that will no doubt be an important staple in your wardrobe. It comes with Quartz movement, Chronograph function, and a genuine, black leather band. It harkens back to a time where men wore freshly-pressed suits in the morning, tuxedos after 5, and pajamas that matched their sheets to bed (makes good camouflage if you ever get scared in the middle of the night…come on, you know you still do sometimes); back to a time where people looked good everywhere and said things like “Gee Golly, what a hum dinger” and “Scram, wise guy” and “Wowza, look at the gams on that swanky tomato.” It has a style that will put you in a higher class of people. So even if you’re still committed to wearing that American flag Speedo and Harley Davidson tank top on the next casual Friday, at least now you can do it with some much needed class. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 1-3 days after order.


Brand: Bulova
Model: 96B001
Gender: Mens
Manufacturer Item: 96B001
Movement: Quartz
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Case Diameter: 38mm
Bezel: Crystal
Bezel Material: Stainless Steel set with crystals
Dial Color: Black patterned
Dial Markers: Arabic (luminous)
Dial Type: Analog
Hands: Silver (luminous)
Band Color: Black
Band Length: Mens standard
Band Material: Leather
Crystal: Mineral
Clasp: Material Stainless Steel
Clasp Type: Tang
Power: Battery
Calendar: Date at 3 position
Water Resistance: 100ft (30m)
Misc Information: Inner windows for seconds, minutes, and alarm; chronograph function
Warranty: 2-Year JomaDeals Warranty


Since 1875, when 23-year-old immigrant Joseph Bulova opened a small jewelry store in New York City, the name Bulova has symbolized a unique blend of old-world craftsmanship and new-world innovation. Determined to explore every emerging possibility in the world of timekeeping, Bulova forged an enduring legacy of creativity and excellence, becoming an industry leader by combining fine design and constant experimentation with new products, untried technologies and imaginative marketing techniques.

Bulova has been on the cutting edge of innovation since the beginning, being the first to create a line of affordable wristwatches in 1911, the first to create a clock radio in 1928, and even the preferred timekeeper during the space race of the 1950s and 60s.

Today, after more than 130 years, Joseph Bulova’s legacy continues in a comprehensive Portfolio of Brands dedicated to addressing the changing needs of a broad range of consumers throughout the globe. One of the world’s most recognized brands, with an international reputation for design, style and technology, Bulova remains committed to upholding an extraordinary legacy of excellence for generations to come.

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