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Saturday, October 3, 2009

IKE Milano GMT979.10.2 - One Day Watch Deal

IKE Milano GMT Leggero Green Watch GMT979.10.2IKE Milano GMT Leggero Green Watch GMT979.10.2

IKE Milano GMT Leggero Green Watch GMT979.10.2

A unique, out of the ordinary watch for those looking for something really cool. This deal of the day is $58 (80% off the $295 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). October 3, 2009.

This is a really unique watch that I think you’re really going to like. Seriously, that’s not just marketing talk, here. Especially for those of you who have an artistic flare or inkling or just want something new or different that’s not everyday and humdrum (do people still use that word? Humdrum? I’m not sure how much of my vocabulary is outdated terms from my childhood of watching old Disney movies). The watch has a handsome, green face with reliable quartz movement that is in and of itself unique. But it also has a Polycarbonate case and band, which is a light-weight semi-see-through material that will definitely turn some heads. I really think this one is cool. In fact, I’ll probably buy one myself if I can get back in the warehouse and set one aside…hold on…brb…okay, I’m back. Took a little longer since they wouldn’t let me in the warehouse at first. They run a tight ship over there. Anyways, I have it now, and I’ll tell ya, it’s a beauty. One of the benefits of working here: no shipping time (Instant gratification!). One of the downsides of working here: getting frisked by security before and after entering the warehouse (Instant humiliation!).

Now that I’m done staring at my new watch (well, I guess it’s not mine yet, I still have to pay John form accounting, so until that happens, it’s a stolen watch…take THAT warehouse security), I guess I need to come up with something witty or clever to add to this description. Hmmm…I guess the very first thing I thought of when I saw this watch was The Green Lantern from DC comics and the Green Goblin from Marvel comics. And the truth is, either one of those guys would love this watch (yea, this is a good angle, lets roll with it). Not only is it durable and futuristic looking, but it would also match their cool superhero/supervillain outfits (if there’s one thing superheroes are known for, it’s coordinating outfits and colors). Which makes me wonder, did the Green Lantern people ever consider trading in their rings for a nice watch? It’d be a nice change, I think, since so many people have done the “magic ring” thing at this point that it’s getting old (Lord of the Rings, Captain planet, Spaceballs, Final Fantasy, Ring Pop, etc). But if you’re more inclined to evil and enjoy riding around on hover boards while throwing exploding pumpkins at people (strange choice of weapon, but to each his own), then this watch will help you time your evil attacks and remind you when it’s time to pick up your purple unitard from the cleaners (don’t forget your purple purse). Anyway, I think that’s witty and clever enough for today. I’m going to go play with my new watch now…happy Saturday! does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 1-3 days after order.

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