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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paul Smith Yellow Flower Pattern Silk Necktie PS-TIES-57

A sleek power tie to keep you calm and in control at all times. This deal of the day is $19.99 (85% off the $135 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

I picked a hell of a day to stop drinking.

Now listen to me, Janice, I know all three of your captains have died of an unusually lethal form of food poisoning. And that the stewardesses don’t have a clue. And that since it’s the 1970s, we’re still allowed to call flight attendants stewardesses (and pinch their butts and call them sweetie and smoke in the bathroom). But if you’re going to stay in control and land this place you’re going to have to calm down and get a hold of yourself. Don’t make me line everyone up again to slap the hell out of you.

Take me, for instance. Everyday I have to handle a runway full of airplanes needing to take off along with a sky full of planes that need to land, and I have to coordinate everything so they don’t all crash into each other. And now on top of all that, I have to deal with an airplane with no living pilots, an old woman who speaks jive, and a middle-aged woman who keeps trying to put makeup on no matter how mad the turbulence is.

But I’m staying cool and collected. How? Power tie, that’s how. It just so happens that on this unfortunate day I happened to put on my lucky power tie. It’s a name-brand Paul Smith tie that I got from JomaDeals at a 85% discount. It keeps me calm in any situation and makes me feel like I’m in control. And its yellow flower pattern helps me stay positive and makes me feel like I’m also in style, on top, and in charge.

Do you read me, Janice? Are you calm? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? Good. Deep breaths. You’re going to land this plane.

Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

Yellow sateen tie with striped yellow flowers and dots pattern.
Pink rose pattern silk lining.
Necktie measures 57" long and 3 3/4" at widest point.
100% silk. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order.

About Brand

Within 20 years of his introduction to fashion Paul Smith had established himself as the pre-eminent British designer. Paul Smith has the ability to anticipate, and even spark off trends not only fashion but in the wider context of popular culture. He manages to transmit a genuine sense of humour and mischief mixed with his love of tradition and the classics. Designed in Nottingham and London, the Paul Smith collections are primarily produced in England and Italy while the fabrics used are mainly of Italian, French and British origin.

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