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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DOD Watches - TX T3B911

TX 730 Series Fly-back Chronograph Mens Watch T3B911

This advanced, sleek, pilot watch is today’s deal of the day for $168 (66% off the $495 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).
Well, turns out the CEO wasn’t satisfied by my very public admittance of watch-feature ignorance last week, so now he’s making me write about another watch from the same series to teach me a lesson (today I had my head buried in a watch dictionary for 3 hours before I realized there is no such thing as a watch dictionary and that I was actually reading a Lands End catalog; I thought I was just bored from work, but turns out I was just bored). Anywho, despite everything, my watch IQ is a little higher now, so let’s have another go at it (and put all office mistakes behind us).

This is a really great, technologically advanced watch. The Fly-back Chronograph, Electronic Compass, and Second Time Zone features were inspired by and made for the professional pilot, which is great if you’re a either a pilot or someone who wishes he was a pilot but studied accounting instead and now he’s miserable because his job is boring and he didn’t follow his childhood dreams, but suddenly on a business trip tons of poisonous snakes attack his plane and kill all the pilots mid-flight and since he has this cool pilot’s watch he’s the only one left qualified to land the plane and at first he’s scared but then he summons his inner strength motivated by his wife and kids and the other passengers on the plane so he takes the controls and while going through some serious character development and personal growth he lands the plane in the climactic finale that teaches him to believe in himself and gives him the courage to tell off his boss and quit his accounting job and start pilot training (I’ve already started the screenplay for this, so don’t bother stealing it, and for the last time, NO, it’s NOT a remake of Snakes on a Plane, it’s completely different! I’m calling it “Air-countant” or “Number Crunch” or “Death and Taxes” or something totally sick and totally NOT Snakes on a Plane so stop saying that). In short, (that was a REALLY long sentence, sorry) this watch is cooler than a Swedish music video (well maybe not THAT cool, but almost). So enjoy this great timepiece in all its technological, sleek designed, screenplay-inspiring glory.P.S. There were some errors in Sunday’s listing due to the fact that it was Friday when I wrote it and I wanted to check out early for my weekend beach party. Here’s the Error: I posted this video when I meant to post this one. See the difference? One’s funny, one’s not. Blame it on Friday laziness. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States.

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