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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Joma Deal: Lucien Piccard 26969WH

Lucien Piccard Benoit Oversized Sporty Mens Watch 26969WH

Sun, August 16, 2009

Superior Swiss designed men’s timepiece with unique acrylic framing. This deal of the day is $48 (88% off the $395 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

The world runs on Lucien Piccard time. Which I hear is a few hours ahead of Denver, and it doesn’t adjust to the leap year or switch to daylight savings time (just like AZ, the freaks). But once you figure out when Lucien Piccard time is, it’s pretty awesome (word is that it's in another dimension, like on "Sliders". Remember that show? It had Jerry O'Connell in it, that guy who’s in "Joe's Apartment" and a bunch of other stuff. My wife had a crush on him, which is okay, cuz he's weird looking. Anyways, remember on Sliders when they went to that one dimension where dogs wore clothes and supermodels were in charge of everything? That was cool.) and this Benoit watch will help you make the most of it. (I apologize for that longer than usual diversion; I was totally back in 1995 for a second there. I also apologize for the obscure "Joe's Apartment” reference).

The watch is sophisticated, easy to read, easy to own, and has an awesome Stainless Steel case framed with 21st Century Acrylic (none of that crappy 20th century acrylic; that stuff sucked). And with the Jomadeals 2-year warranty, if the watch ceases to work like……clockwork……(sorry for the bad pun, I couldn't think of anything else to put there, I hope the photo below will make up for it), then we’ll be sure to set it straight. But act now, because this deal ends at midnight eastern standard time (which is a few hours past Lucien time, minus daylight savings, adjusted for the leap year…forget it, I’m moving to AZ).

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