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Friday, August 21, 2009

JomaDeal: Fossil ME1036

Fossil Twist Silver Dial Mens Watch ME1036

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Sale Price:
You Save:
$67.00 (58%)

Unique yet stylish design with intricate construction and partial cutaway. This deal of the day is $48 (58% off the $115 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

It’s Casual Friday! No doubt you giggled like a school girl as you picked out your favorite message-t (my pick today? My Jonas Brothers Fan shirt. Don’t judge me), your most comfortable pair of Levi’s, and your new converse sneakers (ooh, look at you Mr. Trendy shoe guy!). But I’m starting to resent casual Fridays. Maybe it has something to do with our receptionist “Big Cindy” in her shorty-shorts with the word “Juicy” stretched (seriously, STRETCHED) across the back, or Carl from shipping in his full-body shark costume (the worst part is that all day he sneaks up behind me humming the “Jaws” theme and scares the hell outta me, and it’s SOOO not funny, but everyone laughs when I jump, which encourages him to do it every 15min…and the worst part is that I KNOW it’s coming but still jump and spill coffee all over my keyboard…as we speak I’m writing this with my 4th keyboard today…Ahhh!gbklaeuibrvaekl…5th keyboard…damn you Carl). In any case, for the sake of my computer and the company’s office supply budget, I’ll gladly save my Hammer Pants until Saturday to save everyone from the horror of David the Accountant and his see-through mesh tank top (shudder*).

Hopefully this watch will brighten your otherwise too-freaky Friday. The Fossil Twist Men’s watch is beautifully designed and intricately constructed with a stark white dial with partial cutaway revealing (in a good way) the elegant mechanics of its inner workings. And it’s classy enough to look good on any day of the week, casual or not. Now excuse me while I go protest casual Fridays to my boss (Did he just walk in wearing a Tron costume? That is so 2004).

(note: due to the graphic nature of the aforementioned Casual Fridays, I am not able to post pics of our actual Casual Friday at this time. Instead, I’ve posted what casual Fridays looked like in the 80s and a video of a turtle eating a pigeon)

Video: YouTube does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States.

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