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Saturday, August 15, 2009

JomaDeal: Skagen 233SSSB

JomaDeals: Skagen Slimline Mesh Ladies Watch 233SSSB
Deal of the Day
Sat, August 15, 2009

Elegant European luxury straight from the streets of Copenhagen. This deal of the day is $39 (61% off the $100 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

Happy Saturday everyone! Make yourself a stack of pancakes, turn on the morning cartoons, and get to shopping online in your PJ’s. That’s what Saturdays are all about (unless you work in retail, like me, and then you have to work weekends and Holidays to serve all the people lucky enough to have a normal job. Cherish it. I’d live vicariously through you if I weren’t constantly seething with jealousy).

Anyway, to celebrate the coming of another glorious weekend, we bring another signature Skagen watch, with a look that mirrors European sophistication so well that it’s almost like someone ripped the clock off a quaint, Danish clock tower, added some straps, and wore it on their wrist (but don’t do this for real, it would actually be pretty stupid, and you’d be too busy trying to balance a giant clock on your wrist that you wouldn’t have time to look good doing it, so just buy this watch instead and save yourself the trouble…and the inevitable jail time that comes from stealing the clock off of a Copenhagen clock tower).

It’s slim, elegant, and represents all things high-end Europe. But you don’t have to pay a hefty import tax. Or order it from a Duty Free catalog. Or check it at customs on the way home. But you’ll still probably have to remove your belt and shoes at security (sorry, we can’t help that).

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