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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DotD Watches: Nixon Sultan Khaki Mens Watch A004403

A quality, style-packed, detail-oriented watch from California that does the talking for you. This deal of the day is $68 (70% off the $225 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). August 26, 2009.

The Nixon watch is a watch that pays attention to details. We know that that you have something to say and give you a way to say it. Anything off-the-shelf won’t do. If you waltz into Walmart, buy the first $9.79 watch you see and expect it to say anything about you other than “I’m a cheap SOB who just waltzed into a Walmart and bought the first $9.79 watch I saw,” you will kindle my wrath and I will therefore embarrass you in front of thousands of people by writing a marriage proposal from you to your girlfriend on the JumboTron at the next Yankees game when you’re definitely NOT ready for it (wanna see?).

Get a watch that says something about you and wear it like the Sultan that you are. And while you’re sitting on your throne, surrounded by your court, a harem of beautiful women, and a heard of Elephants, you better have something good to say (elephants poop more when they’re upset). Otherwise, you’re going to get thrown in jail by a lanky, dark-dressing villain with a wise-crakin’ genie and will only be saved by a young and dashing hobo on a magic carpet who kills the villain, steals the genie, and selflessly wishes for everything to go back to normal (I would have wished for an XBOX 360. And a pet tiger. And a rocket ship. Good thing I didn’t have to save you, cuz I probably would have left you in jail while playing Halo all day in your palace).

The Nixon Sultan is built for style, for high stress work and play conditions, and for riders of all types: skaters, snowboarders, surfers, and other people on a whole different plane of cool than the rest of us (I was on a skateboard only once. Shattered my pelvis. That’s right, my body systematically and violently rejects all forms of cool that even come near my body; it’s like that one time I threw up on Shaun White; not pretty). So ditch the cheap Walmart watch (it’s going to break in 5 days anyway), put this bad boy on your wrist, and let your reign of cool begin (which I hope will be better than Matthew McConaughey’s Reign of Fire)

Video: YouTube does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States.

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