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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JomaDeals: Promotion

Hello Joma-junkies,

Well, well, well, so you like JomaShop but you’re not on the JomaDeals mailing list yet. What’s holding you back? Could it be that you’re waiting for an insanely awesome incentive? Well, the wait is now over! Starting today through Sunday, August 23, we’re taking our mailing list, writing the names down on little pieces of paper, mixing them up in an old top hat, and drawing out a single winner of a $100 JomaDeals gift card! And yes, we’re doing it EVERYDAY for five days, so if you’re not on the list yet, now’s the time to do it! I’m so excited, I’m going to use three more exclamation points in a row at the end of this sentence!!!

So to sum things up: that’s $100, everyday, JomaDeals email list only. So get crakin’ and join already!

Lovingly yours,
- The staff

The Details:
- Promotion runs everyday through Aug 23
- Prize: $100 gift card
- Eligibility: those who join or have previously joined the email list
- Those eligible have a new chance to win everyday (cuz we’re nice like that)
- Winners will be posted daily, while the weekend winners will be posted the following Monday (we have lives outside of work, you know)
- You can win more than once (if for some strange act of god you happen to win all 5 days, we will stand in awe of your fortune and hand over all the $500)

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