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Monday, September 14, 2009

1 Day Sale: Timex T2J731 - Joma Deals

Timex Classic Silver-Tone Bracelet Ladies Watch T2J731 Timex Classic Silver-Tone Bracelet Ladies Watch T2J731
A classic, feminine silver-toned bracelet watch. This deal of the day is $18 (70% off the $59.95 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). September 14, 2009.

A woman is only as good as her watch. I think I heard that somewhere. Not sure who said it or when, but I’m sure I heard it from someone famous or well known. Okay, I probably just made it up, but it’s true to some degree, right? I mean, if a woman is wearing a watch that’s classy, sleek, and intelligent, chances are she is classy, sleek, and intelligent. If she’s wearing a watch that’s tough, loud, and in your face, chances are she’s tough, loud, and in your face, too. So what does today’s Deal of the Day watch say about you? This is a classic look from Timex; a silver-toned, bracelet design. It’s also one of the hardest to find watches that Timex has ever sold. So that’s what it says about you: classy, valuable, feminine, and one of a kind…and a woman, I’m assuming (you could be a man that likes women’s watches, too, like Ed Wood, I’m not discriminating).

It’s silver, it’s white, it’s elegant. It reminds me of one of those old silver-themed Masquerade balls. You know, the kind you see during the early part of a period romantic movie, where the wealthy, well-bred but unhappy heroine happens across the dashing but poor man-servant, they fall in love, he runs away without giving his name, and since he was wearing a mask she doesn’t know his true identity, and the movie has official begun it’s long, twisty, heartstring-pulling, class-system-vs-true-love movie plot. That formula never gets old.

One of the things I like most about this Daily Deal watch is the bracelet style band. It’s thin and sleek, the antithesis to all fat strap, rocker/emo watches out there. It’s a near perfect hybrid of jewelry and timepiece. And with the JomaDeals 2-year warranty, if anything should go wrong with the watch, we’ll repair it to make it all better (meaning manufacturing defects, not “I dropped my watch down the toilet after running it through the garbage disposal” defects).

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