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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Handbags Daily Deals, Deal of the Day Handbag

Handbags Daily Deals

Joma Deals - offers one day deal for a fantastic cheap price. 1 Deal a Day (24 hours). So crazy, in fact, that the deal ends at midnight estern time everyday. In the spirit of mentally clothing our nation’s women, we’re offering an extremely chic, 100% authentic, name-brand, designer bags, handbags, wallets, clutches at a fraction of what the same designer accessories would cost you at the store.
Check JomaDeals once a day. Enjoy the exclusive products and special discounts! Happy Shopping!!!

Salvatore Ferragamo 21-A163BK Salvatore Ferragamo Black Canvas Handbag FR21-A163BK

A Chic Ferragamo little-black handbag. This deal of the day is $178 (68% off the $560 retail price). It’s just a little bag, but you feel naked if you leave the house without it.
Burberry 3338669 Burberry Haymarket Woven Ziggy Clutch 3338669

Another beautiful, modern clutch from Burberry. This deal of the day is $168 (72% off the $595 retail price). Today with our JomaDeals discount, you can get a genuine, authentic Burberry Clutch at a deep discount that only makes you look like you spent way too much on it. Now that’s chic AND smart.
Burberry 3463599 Burberry Supernova/Black Patent Leather Wallet 3463599

Burberry wallet with classic Burberry pattern and patent black leather. This deal of the day is $98 (64% off the $275 retail price). It will fit comfortably in your coat pocket as you gracefully stroll through downtown London in a light drizzle on your way to your countryside home in Netherfield.

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