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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Givenchy Dark Blue Logo Squares Grosgrain Silk Necktie Deal

Givenchy Dark Blue Logo Squares Grosgrain Silk Necktie
Highest quality men’s fashion from the French designer Givenchy. Get it today only for $11.99 (89% off the $110 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). September 22, 2009 deal.

You want to walk around in sweats and a T-shirt all day? Become a gym teacher. For everyone else, there are times when we just need to look good. Whether that’s going to work on Wall Street (you may be broke at this point, but hey, you don’t have to LOOK like you’re broke), or just for a few special occasions, like your graduation, your wedding, or the season finale of “The Bachelorette” (have a “Bachelorette” themed party for you and all your friends, it should be fun). Whatever your situation, this tie will guarantee that you look sharp and send all the right messages when it counts.

Now, if you don’t care about looking good and still need another reason to buy this tie (look at you, playing all hard to get, you tease), here’s another reason for you. Givenchy is a famous French clothing company (I don’t think that most men know that, so cut me some slack if you did and are now insulted) that makes only the best quality designer clothes. I personally don’t buy designer clothing that often because they’re usually selling $5 of fabric for $500 (I don’t care who made it, there’s something wrong about a 1000% mark up). That’s a little out of my web-writer price range. But this luxury, designer, high-quality, high-class tie is only $11.99. That’s about a 90% discount from the $110 retail, taking the high-markup part completely out of the luxury equation. That’s crazy awesome. In fact, that’s probably the highest price drop we’ve done on a JomaDeals Daily Deal to date. So buy one. Buy twenty. Give them away as party favors. Hang them on the Christmas Tree come December. Trust me, it’ll make anything look good. Twelve bucks is chump change, my friend. And for that measly Alexander Hamilton and Two Georges, you can have a tie that guarantees you will always look like a million bucks whenever you need to. So even tough the recession is kicking all of our collective butts, you can make sure your butt is covered with the best (warning: don’t actually wear the tie on your butt, I was just trying to be clever, I didn’t mean it literally…and stop giggling every time I say the word “butt.” Jeez, grow up already).

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