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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jomadeals: DKNY NY1370 - DKNY Watches Deal

DKNY Large Dial Mens Watch NY1370 DKNY Large Dial Mens Watch NY1370.
Men’s large dial watch that captures the international pulse of New York. Yours today for only $48 (58% off the $115 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).
September 15, 2009.

I bet you thought DKNY only sold clothes. I bet you also thought DKNY actually stood for Donkey Kong (I went years getting compliments on my new blazer, and when I said I got it at Donkey Kong, they always gave me weird looks and asked if that was some kind of new label, and I told them “No, it’s DKNY…Donkey Kong” and they kept looking at me weird and walked away without saying a word. I have now learned my error and that everyone in the office has secretly been calling me Donkey Boy behind my back. Cruel. Tomorrow I’m putting laxatives in the office coffee). Well according to DKNY, it’s not about clothes and accessories. It’s about lifestyle. Which, if their slogan is accurate (DKNY stands for Donna Karan New York, if you’re still wondering. You probably could have taken a break from reading and looked it up online real quick instead of waiting for me to tell you, but hey, I guess I have to do EVERYTHING around here, don’t I?), then the DKNY lifestyle not only stands for style, class, and refinement, but also dirty subway cars, a love/hate relationship with the Yankees, and monthly rent that costs more your car, assuming you even own a car (Donkey Kong lifestyle: jumping over barrels wearing colorful overalls for a quarter per game).

But enough banter. Today’s Deal of the Day: A big-faced watch for the big faced man. Hold on, that didn’t sound right. Let me start over. The big faced watch for the man who likes…big faces…okay, I don’t think I’m quite getting the right angle. So let’s just dive right in and forget trying to be clever (I’m starting to understand now why my career as a snappy headline advertising writer didn’t quite work out). The DKNY Men’s Large Dial Watch is a mix of class and style with modern simplicity. Whether you want a watch with a unique, masculine design or you’re nearsighted and refuse to wear glasses, contacts, or get Lasik surgery (sounds like you’re being a little stubborn, but to each his own), this daily deal watch will match your needs perfectly. It’s a great looking Daily Deal watch at an unbeatable price. And should it go wrong for any manufacturing related reason, the JomaDeals 2-year warranty will make sure you get back to your DKNY style (Again, New York, not Donkey Kong) as soon as possible. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 1-3 days after order.

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