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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Watches Deal of the Day: Timex T5E341

Timex Indiglo Sport Digital Ladies Watch T5E341.
Timex Indiglo Sport Digital Ladies Watch T5E341 A cute, sporty ladies watch that’s perfect from the gym to the yoga mat. This deal of the day is $9.99 (75% off the $39.95 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). September 1, 2009. http//

If your excuse for not working out is that you need a cute, sporty watch to get you motivated, your excuses are over (my excuse: straight up laziness). And you can thank Reese Witherspoon for bringing pink back in style (YOU thank her, not me; I resent the fact that I have to sit through Legally Blonde every time it’s my wife’s turn to pick the movie). This watch is not only a cute, pink gem, but it’s perfect for working out, training for a marathon, doing cardio, yoga, or anything else active. And BTW, I recently discovered that yoga is NOT as easy as it looks. I heard it was just exercising lying down and thought, “Great! I get to exercise AND be lazy!”, but, oh, was I wrong. I split my gym shorts doing the chair pose (yes, I split my stretchy gym shorts. That’s how skinny I’m not), I got my foot stuck in my hair doing the Locust, and pulled an index finger muscle doing Warrior III. (I’m NOT kidding. I pulled a finger muscle. That has got to be the wimpiest injury ever in the history of mankind). I’m guessing it was all the spirit fingers our instructor kept making us do for every friggin’ pose.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system (thanks for letting me use these listings as my own personal sounding board), let’s continue. The Timex Indiglo Sports watch is made of stainless steel with a durable, flexible resin band. It comes with a timer, alarm, and Indiglo light for late night running sessions or when the power goes out in your apartment. And with the JomaDeals 2-year Warranty, if for some reason it runs out of steam before you do, we’ll fix it so it keeps on running (even if you give up on yoga and go back to your normal exercise routine of moving your arm from a bucket of chicken to your mouth. That’s an exercise I’m good at). does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States.

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