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Monday, September 28, 2009

Lucien Piccard Belle Suisse BS1002BK

Lucien Piccard Belle Suisse DaVinci Collection Mens Watch BS1002BK
Lucien Piccard Belle Suisse DaVinci Collection Mens Watch BS1002BK
An impressive, smooth watch for everyday use. This daily deal is $16 (85% off the $110 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). September 29, 2009.

Monday is here. What has JomaDeals got on the docket today? A few of the past Monday’s we’ve given you some great deals on some fancy, special-occasion type watches. Today we’re going in a different angle. Let me see if I can explain it with an allegory from the annals (tee hee…annals) of my own life. My first car was a Geo Metro. 100k miles on it. No A/C. AM radio. I loved this car. Why? Because it was my no-worries day-to-day car. Because when I meow did a less than perfect parallel parking job I didn’t worry about scuffing it up. Because when my brother threw up in the backseat I didn’t worry too much about the upholstery (I did make him clean it up all by himself, though, I’m no saint). And I slept well at night knowing that no one would ever try to steal it. Sure, I wasn’t exactly beaming with pride when I picked up a girl for a date, but it was a car I could depend on. A car that I could use everyday without worrying whether someone was going to key it. A car that could handle all the scratches, bangs, and throw up that life had to offer.

Which brings me to this watch. The DaVinci by Belle Suisse is your everyday watch. It’s your work watch, your play watch, your “give the baby a bath” watch, the “lets go to the amusement park and ride the Screamo Coaster a billion times” watch, the “need to change the oil but don’t want to pay some guy to do it so I’ll do it myself oh crap I spilled oil everywhere” watch. In other words, it’s the good looking, low maintenance watch that you can count on. It looks great, can take a beating, and keeps giving back every day. It’s like the ancient Taoist proverb goes: “He who owns the Toyota Corolla is happier than he who owns the Koenigsegg CCX” (I’m not sure if that’s true; if I owned a Koenigsegg CCX I’d be pretty frickin’ happy. So much for ancient eastern wisdom. Oh, and that Chinese symbol tattoo you got on your left upper pectoral doesn’t mean “tranquility” like you thought, it actually means “snake testicles”). Even if I did own a Koenigsegg, I’d still need a car to get me to and from work everyday and brave the occasional run-away shopping cart at the grocery store parking lot. This is that watch. The worry-free watch. And to make it even more worry free, this watch comes with the JomaDeals 2-year warranty, so if for some reason this watch doesn’t perform how it’s supposed to, we’ll fix it for free. So buy today and add this gem to your own personal annals (oh, and I dare you to use that word in a sentence sometime today and see if anyone notices…like the meow game from Super Troopers…hehe…classic). does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. All items will be shipped in 1-3 business days.

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