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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watches Deal: ESQ 07101084 - JomaDeals

ESQ Nola Mother of Pearl Ladies Watch 07101084
ESQ Nola Mother of Pearl Ladies Watch 07101084.
Elegant, quality bracelet watch made of only the best materials. This Daily Deal is only $65 (71% off the $160 retail price). Deal ends at midnight tonight (EST). September 26, 2009.

Elegance has a new name…it’s Nola…yea…betcha didn’t see that one coming. And although it’s true that this watch is synonymous with the word elegance, we’re still in the process with getting it registered and accepted by Webster’s Thesaurus, so don’t go about replacing Nola with elegance in everyday conversation, like “Goodness Gracious me, Helen, what a Nola dress you’re wearing,” or “Jumping Jehosaphat! The Queen sure looks Nola today,” or “Edgar the Elephant eats emu eggs on a Nola elevation” (that last one was a voice warmup/tongue twister, in case you couldn’t tell). So until that happens, you don’t have to worry about telling people how elegant you are. You can just show it (it’s called understated class, or feigned humility, take your pick).

This watch has a thin band, a small, dainty case, and a glossy Mother of Pearl face (my wife tells me there is a difference between mother of pearl and normal white, but I’m pretty sure that all those different types of “white” were just created by the female gender to give men aneurysms whenever they ask our opinion on paint samples) with silver toned hands and hour-marker studs for a style that screams (politely, of course) “Look how elegant I am!” It does the screaming so you don’t have to. And here’s the coolest part. I look at watches all day, and I haven’t seen this yet. The band is solid stainless steel (not linked) for a bracelet look and feel that clips at the top of the casing. It’s beautiful and seamless, but not for women with large wrists since it only opens up for a space of 1 1/8 inches (my apologies to Maggie “Large Marge” McGee, National Arm Wrestling Champion from the Women AND Men’s league). So buy today, and if anything should go wrong or you change your mind, the JomaDeals 15 day return policy and 2-year warranty will make sure you’re the happiest, most Nola woman on the block (Nola as in elegant, remember? We at JomaDeals decided that we’re going to start using it anyway, despite the confusion it may cause. But you and I will understand it. It’s like the secret language that twins create. I’ve always wanted a twin, and you’ll do, even though I’m looking through your computer right now and I can tell you look nothing like me, but hey, that didn’t stop Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, did it?). does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. All items will be shipped in 1-3 business days.

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