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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jomadeals: Citizen BJ6442-50E

Citizen Gold-Tone Eco-Drive Mens Watch BJ6442-50E Citizen Gold-Tone Eco-Drive Mens Watch BJ6442-50E.
A beautiful, formal men’s solar powered watch. This deal of the day is $66 (74% off the $250 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). September 5, 2009.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope you have some fun plans besides sitting around on your computer all day buying watches (which we really appreciate, but after you’re done shopping, go outside and throw a Frisbee around or something).

You’re an accomplished man. Go ahead, you can admit it. Brag a little. I’m not just talking about the normal things, like a good job, money in the bank, and a hot girlfriend. I’m talking about how you can dunk a basketball at the clubhouse pool hoop from the high dive. I’m talking about how you can polish off Chubby’s famous Belt Buster Burger in less than 5 minutes. I’m talking about how you can sleep with your eyes open during a meeting (please teach me how, Sensei), and how you can do a pretty good impression of William Shatner singing “Rocketman”. Those are the kind of accomplishments that often go unnoticed. Unappreciated. Unawarded. That’s a friggin’ shame.

Well, no longer! Today is the glorious day that you reward yourself for all the awesomer than awesome skills you’ve acquired over a lifetime of tedious moments. Today’s Deal of the Day is another Eco-drive from Citizen. The Eco-Drive is one of the most innovative lines of watches ever produced by humans. It’s solar powered, which is easier both on the environment (makes you feel less guilty for falling asleep in the refrigerator) and your wallet since you never need to buy a new battery. It’s also a great formal watch for any and all special occasions, like a date, your wedding, your divorce, your second wedding, the birth of your first child, your second child, your third, your forth, your vasectomy, your vasectomy reversal, your fifth child, your re-vasectomy, your children’s graduation, your children’s wedding, your grandkids’ birthdays, your retirement party, your funeral, and your welcoming party in heaven (or hell, depending on your preference). And since its solar powered it will last that entire time without ever having to change the battery (especially in heaven. I hear it’s REALLY bright up there).

So today, and today only, we’re offering this high-end watch at a fraction of the cost. So after you accept this award from yourself for all your top-notch, unappreciated skills, you will still have enough money left over to buy yourself yet another gift (there’s nothing quite as relaxing as enjoying a little gratuitous violence in a graphic first-person shooter game). does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 1-3 days after order.

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