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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Polo Ralph Lauren Short Athletic Socks - 2 Pair Set - $0.01 -Daily deal

Two pairs of some comfortable, stylish socks from the one and only Ralph Lauren. This deal of the day is 1 cent (99.99% off the $10 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). April 1, 2010

Alright, Larry. Dividing the assets has gone relatively smoothly so far. My client is getting the house, the SUV, and the heirloom china cabinet, while yours is getting the weekend cabin in the Hamptons, the motorcycle, the dog, and the hand carved bed frame.

Don’t forget the Xbox, Ron.

Yes, and of course the Xbox. I think that about settles it, then. The last item on the list is…hmm, this must be a typo. Two pairs of Polo Ralph Lauren Socks?

Those socks are mine, Amy!

No, way David! I saw those socks for sale on JomaDeals and ordered them! They’re mine! They’re name brand and perfect and I’m taking them with me.

Whatever! I’m the one who told you to check out JomaDeals in the first place! Plus, they’re the most comfortable socks I’ve ever owned! I’m not giving them away without a fight.

Now now, you two. I think we can find a proper legal solution to all of this. Now there are two pairs, one blue, one white. Why don’t you each just take one pair?

I guess that would work. What do you think, Amy?

Well, I guess so. I remember the first time we wore them. We were in Boston walking the Freedom trail for the first time. We walked by the original American flag and Betsy Ross told us how much she liked our socks.

And I wore them the first day of the job when we moved to New York. I was so nervous that you got me these socks and made me some tea. You remember?

Yes, and I remember that one time where I was passed up for the promotion at work, and you got me these socks and gave me a shoulder rub to make me feel better.

Good times. I love you.

I love you, too.

Let’s never fight again.

Let’s go make a baby!

Okay, David and Amy, so I’ll just cross all of this out and write reconciliation. Congrats, you two. Just so you know, you there’s an additional fee for reconciliation. I’ll make sure to highlight it in your bill.

Two pairs of short Polo socks. One navy light blue trim and logo horse, the other white with navy trim and logo horse. Fits shoe size 4-10 1/2. 74% cotton, 23% nylon, 2% spendex, 1% rubber.

NOTE: Coupons and other special offers are not valid for this product. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order.

About Brand

The brand was launched in 1967 when Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lifschitz, got a $50,000 loan. Prior to starting Ralph Lauren, he worked for Brooks Brothers. In 1968 he started a line of men's ties. By 1969 he had a boutique store within the Manhattan department store Bloomingdale's. In 1971, Polo Ralph Lauren launched its first women's collection and his first standalone store in Beverly Hills, California. Ten years later, in 1981, the brand went global with its first international store on London's New Bond Street. The Polo Sport line was introduced in 1993. The brand now produces clothing, accessories, fragrances, furniture, operates the restaurant RL in Chicago, and sponsors a Harlem cancer center in association with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The flagship store is located in the former Rhinelander Mansion on Madison Avenue in New York City.

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