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Friday, April 23, 2010

Three-Row Pearl and Mixed Stones Necklace

MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL: A beautiful, unique necklace that you’ll absolutely freak out over. In the good way. This deal of the day is $22.99 (85% off the $158 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

The JomaDeals “Ode to Mom” 20-ish Part Series

Part 2: The First-Time Mom

Let’s hear it for the First-Time Mom.

“What did I get myself into?”

“When am I supposed to put it asleep? When does it eat? Why is it crying? Why do I keep calling it ‘it!’ Does that mean I’m a bad mother?! Ak! I need another epidural…”

Don’t go crazy. Not yet, anyway. Being a new mom is scary. You’ve never owned a miniature person before, much less one that can’t walk, talk, or hold its head up straight.

When you first decided to do this, all you had were visions of warm blankets, big blue eyes, and sweet innocence wrapped in a big blanket of unconditional love. Twelve hours of labor and a missed epidural later, you’re looking at this whole thing in a more realistic way.

It’s okay to be freaked out and confused. It’s not an easy job, but you’ll get the hang of it. But sometimes you need more than moral support to get through things. Which is why we at JomaDeals are offering material possessions to help ease the stress (which is always the best way).

Today’s deal of the day is another Mother’s Day Special. It’s a gorgeous Three-Row Necklace with Pearls, Stardust Silver Beads, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Cherry Stone, and African Garnet. Each necklace looks 100% unique. It’s just our way of saying thanks for being a mom. Now take a few deep breaths, hold your baby in your arms, tell him/her you love him/her (why don’t we have a singular unisex pronoun in English? Why?!), and blame anything that goes wrong on your husband, the doctors, or your own parents for the way they raised you. You’re going to be just fine.

SPECS: 18” 3-Row Necklace featuring 5.5-6mm FW Pearls, 4mm Stardust SilverBeads, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Cherry Stone and African Garnet. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order.

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