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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Palladium daily deal - Alfred Dunhill Sidecar Palladium Rollerball Pen NUF3873

Palladium daily deal - Alfred Dunhill Sidecar Palladium Rollerball Pen NUF3873. A luxury pen so nice that your co-workers will annoy you until you crack and give it to them as a bribe to stay away. This deal of the day is $149.99 (58% off the $360 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

Oh, no. Larry, the annoying dude from accounting is coming this way. If I just keep my head down, maybe he’ll keep going past me and get some coffee.

Hiya, Tyler.


Or rather, Hiya, Ty-lon the Cylon.

I already told you I don’t like that nickname. I don’t even watch Babylon or Star Trek or whatever that’s from.

It’s from Battlestar Galactica. The judges also would have accepted Caprica.

Alright, Larrry. I’ve got a lot to do today. What’s it going to take to get you away from my desk. Forever.

Hmmm, interesting how you want me to leave so badly. How about you give me your pen?

What, this Bic? There’s like, thousands of them in the supply closet.

Not that one, you idiot. Your Alfred Dunhill.

What! No way. My dad gave this to me when I graduated. High quality, blue palladium plating, it means a lot to me. I love this pen. Plus, I heard he got it at a special price as a JomaDeals deal of the day. There’s no way I’m giving this thing up.

Okay, well I guess instead I can stand here for another hour and tell you about the new Japanese Graphic novel I read over the weekend. Nine volumes, read cover to cover. It starts out with the young Heroin Nikji Muchanji on a strange distant planet not much different than our own in an age of superior technology and fierce dragons and magic marshmallow people who have the power to…

That’s it. Just take the pen and leave.

I thought that’d do the trick.

Good thing Dad bought two of them anyway, just in case something like this should happen.

That was very thoughtful of him. Wanna see pictures of my Lego Star Destroyer?

Leave now..

Blue resin cap & barrel.
Brass, Palladium plated attributes.
Retro style clip.
Logo on top of the cap. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order.


Alfred Dunhill, Ltd. is a British-based company, specializing in men's luxury leather goods, writing implements, lighters, timepieces, fragrances and clothing. The business was developed by Alfred Dunhill after he inherited his father's saddlery business on London's Euston Road. Alfred Dunhill, responding to the growing demand for automobiles, developed a line of accessories called "Dunhill's Motorities". This first collection included car horns and lamps, leather overcoats, goggles, picnic sets and timepieces. Alfred Dunhill pitched the company under the slogan “Everything But The Motor”.

Dunhill has also occasionally provided various accessories for the cinematic James Bond throughout the series. The association first in 1962 began when the production team requested a gunmetal cigarette lighter for Sean Connery's introduction in Dr. No.

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