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Friday, April 9, 2010

Meteoris by Louis Moinet - astronomical watches for astronomical price

The Meteoris planetarium from Louis Moinet displays the entire solar system (all known planets orbiting around the sun), along with four tourbillons. Astronomical watches for astronomical price. The entire set is unique and will be sold to a collector for a total of 4,900,000 Swiss Francs.

All nine planets as well as the earth’s moon—created by artist Jean-Yves Kervévan using handmade resins and varnishes—are displayed as they orbit the sun. This is a great technical feat as most planetariums only show a limited number of planets.

The circular navy blue scale positioned directly underneath the depiction of the planets indicates each of the planets’ positions in relation to the zodiac through which it crosses. This ring-shaped scale sprinkled with gold dust and silver spangles symbolizes the night sky and is decorated with154 “stars” totaling 5.6 ct Top Wesselton VVS diamonds representing various constellations.

Height 1.5 m. Movement driven by a complex set of 40 gear wheels comprises ten coaxial tubes with stainless steel spokes to support the planets and is powered by a micro motor. he positioning of the earth and moon even allow for the display of the moon’s phases.


Each of the Louis Moinet tourbillons included with the piece contain material from legendary meteorites, including a meteorite from Mars; the oldest meteorite ever found on earth, Rosetta Stone; Itqiy, a mysterious asteroid that was formed near the sun; and a lunar meteorite.

1st “METEORIS” Tourbillon: MARS

The case of this unique model is crafted from 18-carat white gold set with 56 baguette-cut Top Wesselton VVS diamonds totalling 3.46 carats.

Meteorite “Jiddat al Harasis 479”

Mars Meteorite. Martian meteorites are Martian rocks that were ejected from Mars by impacts and later fell to the Earth as meteorites.

Origin: Mars
: Sultanate of Oman, 2008 (19o 47.139’ N 55o 51.21’ E)
: Meteoritical Bulletin No 97, 2009
Russian Academy of Science, Moscow


The extremely complicated case of this unique model is crafted in 18-carat rose gold and comprises 50 different parts.

Meteorite “Sahara 99555”

Legendary meteorite, considered as the “Rosetta Stone” of our solar system. The oldest known rock of our solar system and the oldest meteorite found on earth.

Origin: Possibly Mercury
Age: 4,566,200,000 years old (precision : 100,000 years)
Found: Sahara, 1999 (unknown coordinates)
Publication: Meteoritical Bulletin No 84, 2000
Authentication: Institute für Planetology, Münster, Germany

3rd “METEORIS” Tourbillon: ASTEROID

The “Asteroid” tourbillon is presented in an 18-carat white gold case set with baguette-cut diamonds and engraved with the legend “Pièce Unique”. As with the other tourbillons, a hand engraving on the dial depicts the meteorite’s trajectory towards the earth, represented beneath the hands by a pietersite gemstone.

Meteorite “Itqiy”

Unique and mysterious asteroid formed near the Sun. It has provided invaluable scientific information on parts of the solar system rarely sampled.

Origin: Asteroid close to the Sun
Uniqueness: How this rock was formed remains a mystery
Found: Western Sahara, 1990 (26° 35' 27"N, 12° 57' 8"W)
Publication: Meteoritical Bulletin No 85, 2001
Authentication: University of Arizona, Tucson

4th ”METEORIS” Tourbillon: MOON

This tourbillon watch is crafted in 18-carat rose gold and fitted with a hand-sewn crocodile leather strap lined with genuine alligator leather.

Meteorite “Dhofar 459”

Moon Meteorite. Lunar meteorites are moon rocks that were ejected from the Moon by impacts and later fell to the Earth as meteorites.

Origin: Moon
Found: Sultanate of Oman, 2001 (18° 14' 55"N, 54° 0' 12"E)
Publication: Meteoritical Bulletin No 89, 2005
Authentication: UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles


Movement: Exclusive tourbillon movement
Functions: Hour & Minute
Winding: Hand-winding
Oscillations: 21,600 vph
Frequency:3 Hz
Lines: 14 ½
Power reserve: 72 hours
Tourbillon carriage: 1 turn/minute
Jewels: 19
Escapement: Side lever
Winding: Mechanism visible through the case-back with “octopus” spring
Case: Original design by Louis Moinet®, made up of 50 parts
Case diameter: 47 mm
Water-resistance: 30 meters
Caseback: Secured with 6 screws, engraved “PIECE UNIQUE” and Louis Moinet markings
Crystals: Two anti-glare sapphire crystals
Bracelet: Louisiana alligator leather, hand-sewn, width between lug : 24 mm
Buckle: 18K gold folding clasp with Louis Moinet symbol

About Brand

Ultimately, art and watchmaking shared the same stage in Louis Moinets life. He would be commissioned to create clocks for the most important people of his time—Napoleon, King George IV, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe among others. Louis Moinet invigorated and altered the course of the world's ability to keep time.

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